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In Death Together

The Undead Detective Agency: Book 3 

     You’ve returned... good! Octavius Evander here, your lovable vampire detective. So, where we ended things last time, everything had gone horribly wrong. What can really be said, besides that change is a fact of life, and unlife. Turney, my love, my heart—unfortunately, he has much change to deal with. No matter, we will all get through it together! Some of us will be getting through it together, much closer than we ever expected, if you know what I mean.

     But, enough about that. On to the cases! We will have a new one come up, one with love and questionable family relationships, and even a murder! We don’t get to witness the murder, but we can’t always get what we want. Either way, it’s going to be fun.

     Lastly, I suppose there is also the old case looming over us. The 'pain in the ass' case. Prepare yourselves for pain, blood, betrayal, glitter, and devastation. No, hint’s as to whose…but remember, this is a love story. Stop worrying, you silly humans. It will be fine.

CONTENT WARNING: This is an M/M paranormal romance book, with a little F/F on the side. There will be blood, violence, gore, mention of sexual abuse (no on-page details), and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous situations triggering.

Available in Kindle, print and audiobook!

In Death Together Audiobook

Narrated By Lance West
Audiobook Sample


      Scarlett’s mind was empty as she strolled boldly into her body maintenance room. A room that was pure metal—body fluids were…messy, so it made it easier to clean. As she looked around, she had the thought that, perhaps, her mind was more a chaotic void than empty at the moment. 
      Octavius walked in closely behind her, carrying Turney’s dead body. Octavius’ sandy blond curls were sticking down to his face. Where they weren’t plastered against his skin, they were curling wildly. While her friend had a fair amount of blood on his hands, and even on parts of his suit, the human was soaked in it. If Turney had blond instead of brown hair, she was sure it would have been stained red. As it was, the white button shirt he had on under his waistcoat was now stained a pale light red. The front of his waistcoat was such a torn, bloody mess that she wasn’t exactly sure what injuries he had. 
      Both men were soaked through and had dripped water onto her floors as they moved through her house. Turney was leaving behind a bloody trail. Well, his body was. Turney wasn’t there right now…it was just an empty shell. But the potential remained…
      Watching Octavius gently lay the young human out on the metal table, she felt what could only be a stab of pain, of anguish, at seeing her best friend looking so distraught. Clutching at her chest, she forced her body to take a deep, relaxing breath. It wouldn’t do anyone any good for her to freak out. Her calm was needed now.
      The doors burst open and both Min-ji and Cormac stormed in. The wolf was not as soaked as Octavius and Turney, but was dripping nonetheless.     
      Glaring at them. “Out!” she demanded. 
      Min-ji stood firm, glaring right back. “You can’t just change him! You don’t have permission!” 
      “Get out, Min-ji,” Scarlett said firmly.
      “I won’t leave until someone tells me what the fuck is going on!” Cormac roared. “Who the fuck killed him?! What the fuck did you smell at the office, Octavius?!”
      Octavius didn’t even turn in Cormac’s direction. He just continued staring down at his dead lover. Hand smoothing over the man’s chest, whispering that it was going to be okay. 
      She grimaced. “Cormac, I know you have questions, but now is not the time.” She started pushing them both out. They protested as they went. 
      Once she had shoved them past the swinging doors, she came face to face with Henry.
      The younger vampire's face was grim. “I’ll handle them, Mistress Scarlett. They won’t interrupt again.”
      She gave him an appreciative smile. “Thank you.” 
      Calling him after getting the news had been a good choice. She closed the swinging doors and locked them for good measure before returning to Octavius. 
      Seeing her friend still talking to the corpse, she winced again as that sharp pain in her heart returned. Approaching, she gripped Octavius' shoulder. “Octavius, I need to examine him before we start the process, okay? That will require me to remove his clothing.”
      Octavius finally turned away from the human and met her gaze. His ocean-blue eyes were red and puffy, haunted. Tears were steadily rolling down his face. After a few moments of silence, the vampire gulped and nodded, his hand slowly sliding away from the body. Octavius took a few hesitant steps back, wrapping his arms around his middle.

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