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Keep It Together 

The Undead Detective Agency: Book 2 

     Back again, I see. Well, you are in luck, for the story of, I, Detective Octavius Evander, continues! To start off on a positive note, prepare to be amazed as my precious human, Turney, falls into my hands! 


     Okay, technically, I already had my hands on him—all of him—but that didn’t make him mine, mine. But now it is time to show how I captured his heart with my lovable personality! No doubt my adorable and sparkly new hobby had something to do with it as well! 

     But enough about the gooey emotions. On to the cases! There will be a new adventure or two with my team to entertain. Though the adventures this time, well, not all end as pleasantly as one might hope. While I would say to prepare for the return of old faces, none of you have seen them before. Just know that their reappearance in my life leads to an unfortunate event. But in the paranormal world, fun and death go hand and hand, does it not? 


CONTENT WARNING: This is a M/M paranormal romance book that ends on a cliffhanger. There will be violence and a main character death—a temporary death.

Available in Kindle, print and audiobook!

Keep It Together Audiobook

Narrated By Lance West
Audiobook Sample
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      The sound of the outer office door opening silenced the room. No one moved to see who it was. Or rather, no one got a chance as the footsteps approached quickly, followed by a knock on the door to Octavius’ office slash their meeting room.

      Henry’s voice called out, “Master Octavius, I’ve brought what you asked.”

      Octavius let out a happy squeal, jumped up from his seat and threw the door open.

      The other vampire stood a ways back from the door with a paper sack in hand. Good thing too, or else he would have been hit by it in Octavius’ excitement. Though, the fact he was standing so far back told Turney just how well Henry knew who he worked for.

      Octavius made grabby hands at the bag. Turney stared at the sack with dread. And could only sigh as that dread was realized when the vampire pulled out a big bottle of iridescent orange glitter.

      Turney groaned. “Henry, how could you?”

      Yes, he was going to accept Octavius’ hobby. However, he still had to at least try to curb the vampire’s buying habits. Like, couldn’t he use up what he had first?!

      “I’m going to assume this meeting is done,” Min-ji drawled. “Let’s head off, Scarlett.”

      Scarlett sighed but dutifully followed behind Min-ji as she left.

      “Apologies, Master Turney. I’m afraid it is best to just accept that some things cannot be stopped,” Henry demurred.

      He eyed the glitter jar in Octavius’ hands.


      Octavius took a hesitant step back, clutching his glitter closely under Turney’s mutinous gaze.

      This was okay. It would be okay! Octavius had made plans. He had PLOTTED THE PLOTS! And said plots had come to fruition, the item having arrived at the office just that morning.

      “Mine!” he cried out to distract the human. Taking off towards his desk, he envisioned his bat form, initiating the change. Octavius barely felt his body morph and shrink, the experience so common that it was like bending his knee.

      Now a teeny tiny bat, he scurried under his desk, set his glitter down safely in the corner, and grabbed hold of the distraction decoy.

      Octavius turned around, sitting on the ground, and waited for Turney to appear. Making sure his eyes were extra wide and innocent. He was confident in his adorableness.

      Octavius held back his giggle at the sound of Turney sighing and walking over.

      “Octavius, you really don’t…”

      Turney had begun talking as he crouched down, and promptly trailed off upon catching sight of him.

      Octavius wrapped his wings tighter around the plushie replica of himself in bat form and blinked cutely at the human.

      Turney’s cheeks flushed, and he began to gnaw his bottom lip. The man was restraining himself, but Octavius saw the yearning.

      Cave! CAVE! Octavius chanted in his head.

      When Turney swept him and the plushie up into his arms, he couldn’t contain the slightly evil giggle that bubbled free.


      Sure, Octavius had been aware of Turney’s love of cute things. But now he knew that love was also a weakness. Such knowledge would only help him prevail in the future. For the good of his glitter, he had no choice but to do a little evil—and bribery.

      Octavius sighed contently as Turney settled him and the plush in his lap and cuddled them.

      Turney sighed, but definitely not from contentment, and groaned out, “This is so going to bite me in the ass.”

      A burst of laughter broke free, but he quickly covered it up with a cough. “Whatever do you mean?”
      “Don’t even try to play innocent.”

      Octavius blew a raspberry at him before snuggling in.

      Ah, this was the life. He had his human’s arms around him, he had his glitter, and he had tasted sweet, sweet victory. It was a good day.

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