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Audiobook Release/New upcoming Audiobooks!

New Release!:

Taste of Fear Audiobook (The Unwilling Adventures of Harlow & Foxx 2)

- Narrated by Matt Williams

You can find that here:

New/Upcoming Audiobook!:

Both Unusual Emotions Audiobook and Thirst Quenched will be coming following the release of those books. I don't have specific release dates/months for them, but they will come before the end of the year for sure.

Moving on, unrelated to Harlow & Foxx, I'm happy to announce that Catching a Water Nymph will be made into an audiobook! Release should be around August! It will be narrated by the wonderful Zachary Zaba and Shelby Rhodes. Yes, that is right. I will be narrating part of the book myself, specifically Skya's voice. I have never narrated before, and this will be way outside my comfort zone, so wish me luck!

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