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Rainbow Advent Calendar: Holiday Short!

Welcome to day 24 of the Rainbow Advent Calendar! Each day this month so far authors have drop fun and free holiday stories. I was given the wonderful opportunity to join in and it just so happens I am the final story. That means there are days of free short stories before me! To check all those out click below for the Master list and check out the Facebook group!

On to the story! My story features Octavius and Turney of the Undead Detective Agency! Click below to read about how the two set off to solve a case at a year-round Christmas Village resort in Alaska. Let the fun begin!

A Christmassy Adventure in August

(An Undead Detective Agency Short Story)

I'd love to hear what you think so leave comments below or on Facebook!

So, Octavius and Turney are something else, aren't they? Want to find out their beginning? Check out the first book in The Undead Detective Agency! Book two will be coming out soon enough.

Get It Together

(The Undead Detective Agency 1)


Hello, there! I’m Octavius Evander. And this is the beginning of my story—well…sort of. It’s not the very beginning. As a vampire, that story would be way too long to write down—think, before the Romans. Rather, this story is about how I met the love of my unlife. Okay, it will be mostly about the cool and fancy detective agency I opened and solving mysteries, but also a little about love too.

So, what does one need to open a detective agency, you may ask? Well, for one, a detective. As it was my idea, and I paid for everything, I, of course, filled that role. Next, I needed a secretary. My beautiful and marginally dangerous best friend Scarlett filled that role. Now, I will admit, at that time, I had not thought further than that, and simply skipped to getting my detective license, an office, and some other necessities.

My mind might have been too full of the fun adventures I was about to have. My hope was that those in and out of the paranormal communities would keep me entertained for a very long time. I quickly realized I still needed a driver, a tech person, and a witch that was good with ghosts. This is the story of how I found those people. And who would have thought the first to walk through the door would be human, with no knowledge of the paranormal—my precious Turney.

CONTENT WARNING: This is a slow burn M/M paranormal romance book. There will be blood, violence and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous triggering.

Keep It Together

(The Undead Detective Agency 2)

~Coming March 2023~


Back again I see. Well, you are in luck, for the story of, I, Detective Octavius Evander continues! To start off on a positive note, prepare to be amazed as my precious human, Turney, falls into my hands!

Okay, technically I already had my hands on him—all of him—but that didn’t make him mine, mine. But now it is time to show how I captured his heart with my lovable personality! No doubt that my adorable and sparkly new hobby had something to do with it as well!

But enough about the gooey emotions. On to the cases! As there will be a new adventure or two with my team to entertain. Though the adventures this time, well, not all end as pleasantly as one might hope. While, I would say to prepare for the return of old faces, none of you have seen them before. Just know that their reappearance in my life leads to an unfortunate event. But in the paranormal world fun and death go hand and hand does it not?

CONTENT WARNING: This is a M/M paranormal romance book that ends on a cliff hanger. There will be violence and a main character death—a temporary death.

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