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Little Red



           Follow along and you will see a tale retold in a world of unimaginable creatures, gods and goddesses. A world filled to the brim with magic. Our story begins with a young sorcerer with too much power without the age to match.

            Ryder, our hero, who just so happens to be a painfully short redhead, has found himself burdened with the fates of thousands in a life where he has so far received few answers. In order to find the cure to the plague that has overtaken the Kingdom of Solice, he sets off on a quest to seek out his slightly crazy grandmother in the Yor Forest.

            Add in one flirty handsome werewolf prince, a sarcastic sorcerer hating werewolf, some full-blown insanity and bit of magic and Ryder finds his momentous task doubling in difficulty and stress. But all is not what it seems and sometimes life takes you to places you never wished to stand.  In the end, Ryder decisions and paths are not choices but destiny. And in said destiny lies insurmountable magic, death and maybe even love. 

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