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9781646373994 Shelby Rhodes - Asher's Fi




            As a phoenix, Asher is doomed to live losing those around him and then slowly have his memories ripped from him, sometimes by the fates themselves. Yet he foolishly still fell in love. His latest was more hopeless than the last. Maybe even more so as the only emotion he received from Kaiden was anger.  

            Kaiden Voltair would admit he was struggling to move past the death of his son. He knew he needed to let go of the pain and guilt, he just didn’t know how. What he did know was he had to stop lashing out at the very person who had pulled him from his deepest despair. Asher deserved better.

            Summoned by the Phoenix Council, Asher and Kaiden go on an adventure into the Third Realm. There Kaiden discovers all that he’d been overlooking. A battle follows, a grave is robbed, a secret crush is discovered, along with a lot of questionable behavior in between, but finally, Asher grabs hold of what he always wanted—Kaiden’s heart. 

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