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Unusual Emotions

The Unwilling Adventures of Harlow & Foxx Book 3

     Foxx Honeywell here…  Have you ever wanted something, but then when it finally happens, you panic and think of all the things that could go wrong, because things have always gone wrong? No? Just me? Well, let’s backtrack.

     We pick up where we last left off…after the hypocritical murdery priests. Yeah, I'm still dealing with all that. Cases come and go, and things are normal…but then normal flies out the window. All because my mind decided to focus on things it shouldn’t.  Because as is often the case, emotions and feelings don’t give a shit about timing, place, or the sanity of those involved!


     Speaking of sanity. My annoyingly insane partner, HARLOW, decided that he wants to make it all the more complicated by feeling ‘something’ as well. 


     Long story short, more cases, more confusion, and just the urge to burn the world down in a fit of anger, because why the bloody hell not? Things are decidedly not okay.


CONTENT WARNING: This is a slow burn M/M paranormal romance book, that ends in a cliffhanger. There will be blood, violence, gore, torture and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous triggering.     

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