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Cryptid Enforcement Bureau

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Cryptid Enforcement Bureau: Book 1 

Catching a
Water Nymph


     I don’t like that you are staring at me—it’s suspicious. Ugh, I suppose you want to hear my story? I’m Seri North. I was your average, highly introverted, slightly nerdy, workaholic male Water Nymph. Until I made the horrible decision to go on a date with a rich, psychotic Shadow Dweller, who just so happened to be in charge of a large criminal enterprise. 

     That date ended in a whole ton of paranoia, trauma, and pregnancy, after almost six years of captivity. For the sake of my dwindling sanity, you won’t see most of that captivity. You get to see the fun—and not so fun—aftermath. 

     So, what does one do while heavily pregnant in captivity? Escape, obviously. Logically, I knew HE would come after me. If not just due to his obsession, then definitely to get his hands on my child. What I did not expect was to be accused of murder, and for the Shadow Dweller that showed up at my door to be an agent with the Cryptid Enforcement Bureau, instead of my ex-captor. 

     The agent, Severo Ambrose…was not what I expected. Not that I expected him at all. But he was vastly different from what I had come to understand about Shadow Dwellers. 

     Either way, that is about where this story starts. With poor innocent me being chased by the universal government for a crime I didn’t commit. A story of pain, trauma, healing…and love. The love, honestly, surprised even me. But Severo…as I said, was not what I expected.

Content Warning: This is an Mpreg MM Romance book that contains violence, abuse, kidnapping, imprisonment, suicidal thoughts and ideations, gore, murder, mention of past SA (no explicit details), attempted SA, misgendering, panic attacks, and in general, characters reacting to trauma. Please do not read if you find any of the previous triggering.

Note: While the world the book is set in is darker, the relationship between main characters is not

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Catching a
Water Nymph

Narrated By Zachary Zaba & Shelby Rhodes
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Cryptid Enforcement Bureau: Book 2 

Calming a Gorgon




-Blurb coming soon-

March 2025:
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